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Join our team, on a path that enables you to fulfill your career ambition and vision.

  • Train, advise and groom our elite students, who have broad, yet up-to-date skills . The creativity, agility and devotion of Technion students are a priceless asset for your research goals and group formation. Our faculty members often recruit engineers and junior researchers who are undergrad at a senior year, from our cadre: the largest in the Technion. Recruits often come also from other campus departments.
  • The heterogeneity of our faculty member’s backgrounds, research areas and projects reflect our accommodation, pursuit of new frontiers, risk-taking and fulfillment of academic freedom. We value outstanding excellence and leadership. In any domain you act, be the best!
  • Make a difference in an overwhelmingly young environment: over half of our faculty members have joined our ranks less than 10 years ago.
  • Our faculty has a wealth of devoted, skilled technical staff. They are an asset in setting up and advancing our operations.
  • Helping young faculty members set up is a high priority for us. This involves voluntary assistance by the faculty peers, exposure to young faculty as guest speakers to students in various forums and classes, and a long grace period for funding of students. We are proud in your success, as our team mate.
  • For a new tenure-track recruit, The Viterbi Faculty of Electrical Engineering, and Technion at large, work to raise resources required to open your dream lab.
  • In the Technion, you have access to formidable, expensive institutional and inter-institution equipment, labs, centers, research units, and internal funding frameworks.
  • Make an impact on the Israeli economy: teach our students, as they become the workforce spearheading the High-Tech industry. Let your vision affect the curriculum, either by formation of new courses or adaptation of existing courses by your concept. Teaching undergraduates is generally in Hebrew. Graduate studies can be in English.
  • Enjoy plenty of stimulating interaction with the excellent academic eco-system of the Technion and the Israeli industry.
  • Have a life and peace of mind! See the Campus life for ways in which Technion eases the transition of you and your family to the new position.


We seek excellent candidates to apply for tenure-track positions.
Are you suitable and approaching the stage of candidacy? Apply!

Are you at an early stage of embarking on an academic career, being a senior PhD student or having recently began a postdoc? We are interested to communicate with you. The faculty can advise and provide various means of support.
For these inquiries, contact Iris Levin, Tel:04-8294676.