2 Awards – 1 Competition

Prof. Mark Silberstein

Prof. Mark Silberstein won the first prize at the Cyber Security Applied Worldwide competition (CSAW) in the European region, for his paper –  

“SpecFuzz: Bringing Spectre-type vulnerabilities to the surface”,   about efficient protection of computer systems against recent CPU vulnerabilities,   

Meni Orenbach

Mark’s student, Meni Orenbach – also won the 3rd prize at CSAW competition in Israel (competition between all Israeli submissions only)

His paper is called “Autarky: Closing controlled channels with self-paging enclaves” , and it was published at Eurosys’20 in collaboration with Microsoft Research Redmond. 

This paper shows the way to protect a security subsystem in modern  CPUs from potentially devastating privacy attacks. 




https://www.csaw.io/research (see the PDF)