A Cup of Coffee with Nobel Laureates

The PhD candidate student Aviad Levis, of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, never imagined that the algorithm he developed for a satellite mission (adviser: Prof. Yoav Schechner) would result in a personal meeting with Nobel Prize-winning scientists.

The Lindau Conference is a prestigious event held once a year, where 600 PhD students meet with leading scientists from all over the world.

Lectures, personal sessions and an informal atmosphere promote personal connections between the great minds of the exact sciences.

The students participating are selected after a rigorous screening process.






Link to Aviad’s personal page: https://www.aviadlevis.com/3d-remote-sensing

Vision and Image Sciences Lab: http://webee.technion.ac.il/~yoav/research/RTEscatter_tomography.html

Link to the cloud CT project youtube: https://youtu.be/_DF-SCbpQi8