Exposure of CCIT affiliates to the students and graduate students.

  •     Power Point Presentation of the companies on a dedicated display in the CCIT lobby.
  •     Presentation of the Company’s logo on the CCIT site, and on the CCIT board.
  •     Affiliates are invited to give lectures in special sessions on “Frontiers of Technology”.

Accessibility to students. Affiliates of the CCIT are entitled to:

  •     Spotlight day.
  •     Offering of awards to excellent students.
  •     Email service directed to the students and graduate students.
  •     Employment opportunities.
  •     Spotlight days.
  •     Seminars and workshops.
  •     Awards and stipends offered by the IAP affiliates.

“Job opportunity” board in the IAP site.

Distribution of information regarding student projects conducted in the various laboratories of the CCIT. Affiliates are encouraged to propose projects that are then channeled by the Industrial Liaison Program to the appropriate laboratories.

Participation in the Advisory Committee:

The faculty of Electrical Engineering in the Technion has established an Industrial Advisory Committee to express the needs and priorities of the industry, in terms of our graduates. In particular, they give us feedback about technological and managerial fields that need to be strengthened.

Exposure to research area:

Research reports are made accessible to Industrial Liaison Program affiliates as soon as they are available in the Departmental Library.

Funded Research

  •      Initiation of dedicated seminars and meetings between the Faculty members and the IAP Affiliates.
  •      Registration and invitation to faculty seminars.
  •      Support of graduate students seminars in industry.
  •     Initiation of contacts between faculty members and industry researchers, to jointly submit proposals to government supported programs, European programs and Industrial Research centers.

Library services

  • Affiliates are entitled a free entrance to all Technion libraries, using all online resources while at the library (and not outside the Technion),including independent information search and/or with the assistance of an information specialist.
  • Affiliates are entitled to a free Reader Card, which provides them permission to borrow 5 books at a time from any Library at the Technion. Contact Galit Grinberg for more information: or Riva Zohar:
  • Affiliates are entitled to Inter-Library Loan Services: Fast Document delivery and book loans from other Universities at a discounted fee, according to publishers’ prices. Contact: Esti Ben-Zvi for more

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