• Cyber Security Awareness Worldwide

    They look after our phone’s safety –  researchers from our department won first places in the world’s largest Cyber Security competition – CSAW The winners are: First place: Marina Minkin – Foreshadow attacks on Intel CPUs Third place: Pavel Lifshitz – The battery attacks on mobile phones CSAW (Cyber Security Awareness Worldwide) is the largest cyber

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  • אנסטסיה לוגביננקו

    Congratulations to the graduate of the Faculty Anastasia Lugbinenko, co-founder and CEO of Nowtecc Anastasia was selected by TheMarker for the list of 40 promising young people in the high-tech category. Read the full details on TheMarker  

  • Prof. Yonina Eldar

    Prof. Yonina Eldar, Chosen as a leading and influential academic woman in Asia.   The announcement was made by members of the Association of Academies and Scientific Societies in Asia (AASSA) AASSA –  aims to examine science and technology issues, with emphasis on research, development and implementation of technology, with the intention of influencing the

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  • Meyer Building

    Congratulations ! The Faculty  won the 2018 Yanai Prize for Excellence in Academic Education            This is the Technion most prestigious prize and it is awarded for a substantial and unique contribution to the advancement of academic education of undergraduate students. The award is in appreciation of the contributions by outstanding

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  • DR. Ronen-Talmon

    August, 09, 2018

    Congratulations ! Dr. Ronen Talmon received the ERC Grant for his research on Non-linear Signal Processing


    Congratulations to Dr.  Itai Eyal for winning the prestigious Alon Fellowship for outstanding young researchers  

  • Well Done Sign

    I am proud to announce that many of our graduate students have won prestigious fellowships and awards. The 2018-2019 Clore Fellowship to Tal Shnitzer, supervised by Prof. Ronen Talmon The Wolf Award to Grisha Spektor, supervised by Prof. Meir Orenstein. Two of our graduating students won prestigious fellowships for postdoctoral studies abroad: Adi Hanuka, supervised

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  • Lev Ari Couple at the graduation ceremony

    בני הזוג ענת וכפיר לב-ארי, קיבלו בשבוע שעבר יחד את תוארי הדוקטור על המחקרים שערכו בפקולטה להנדסת חשמל ע”ש ויטרבי בטכניון. ענת השלימה תואר ראשון ושני בפקולטה למתמטיקה בנושא סטטיסטיקה וחקר ביצועים, ואת הדוקטורט עשתה בהנחיית פרופ’ רמי אתר בנושא בקרה ואופטימיזציה של מערכות תורים. כפיר השלים תואר ראשון בפקולטה למדעי המחשב (הנדסת תוכנה). לאחר

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  • Prof. Guy Gilboa

    Congratulations to Prof. Guy Gilboa for the publication of his new book titled “Nonlinear Eigenproblems in Image Processing and Computer Vision”, published in Springer’s series on Advances in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition. The book has now appeared online: https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9783319758466 A hardcover will be available soon.

  • PhD Student - Alexsey Dyskin

    The Israel Young Professionals Affinity Group was awarded with the IEEE Region 8 Young Professionals Outstanding Affinity Group Award for 2018. The Israeli group was established in 2016 by Aleksey Dyskin, a PhD student in our department, who serves as its Chair and is the driving force behind its activities. Its goal and vision is

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  • An Open Evening Event for Grad Students

    בוגרי תואר ראשון מצטיינים מכל האוניברסיטאות, אתם מוזמנים לערב פתוח לתואר שני ושלישי בפקולטה להנדסת חשמל בטכניון ניפגש ביום ב’ 16.4.18 בשעה 17:30 לפרטים נוספים >> להרשמה >>

  • The Student - Heba Abbud

    The Next Einstein
    March, 18, 2018

    Heba Abbud of Shefar’am began her studies at the Technion at the age of 16 because high school bored her. In the middle of 9th grade, Heba Abbud approached her math teacher to inform him that she had finished learning all of the material for the five-unit matriculation exam. After confirming that this was indeed the

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  • Science at the bar

    Eight Haifa bars will host leading Technion researchers on Tuesday, March 20, 2018 at 20:00 Flexible aircrafts, artificial intelligence, human-machine interfaces, computer vision, urban planning as an instrument for social change, communication between bacteria, innovative diagnostic methods, and a new look at chemistry studies: eight female researchers from Technion will hold scientific lectures on various

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  • Our PhD Student - Adi Hanuka

    Forbes Israel Magazine publishes annually a list of top promising young people under the age of 30. This group, which includes 60 young people, is part of an international group of Forbes Magazine and includes several hundred young people from around the world who may be future leaders of the world in the coming decades.

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  • Last week, the Technion held a scholarship ceremony for outstanding students in computer science and electrical engineering. The ceremony was attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science, Prof. Dan Geiger, Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Prof. Nahum Simkin, Vice President of DELL EMC and Director of the Excellence Center in

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  • Congratulations to Ms. Chen Cohen for her second place in the Jacobson Scholarship Program! The panel of judges wrote: “A work that combines a number of areas in an original way to shed light on an important problem is explained in an interesting and clear manner, despite its complexity.” Congratulations to Chen and Yaniv Korman

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  • We are pleased to announce that Dr. Lior Tzabari (Levy) has won the “Zilag” Prize for the year 2007. The prize is awarded to excelling adjunct faculty for their outstanding teaching and significant contribution to academic education. Lior has been a lecturer in the field of Electronic Switching Circuits, and has been awarded six times

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  • הרשמו עכשיו לסמסטר אביב 2018! בואו ללמוד במוסד הטכנולוגי המוביל בישראל, בפקולטה בעלת שם בינלאומי עם יותר מ-15,000 בוגרים המהווים את חוד החנית של תעשיית ההייטק! ההרשמה לסמסטר אביב בעיצומה. לפרטים נוספים>>

  • Prof. Anat Levin

    Prof. Anat Levin has been awarded the Blavatnik Award in the area of Physiccal Sciences and Engineering. The award – established by the Blavatnik Family Foundation, the New York Academy of Sciences and the Israel Science Foundation – honors exceptional young scientists and engineers. The award has been given to Anat “for ground-breaking contributions to

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  • Well Done Sign

    Technion’s Award for Excellence in Teaching: Prof. Isaac Keslassy (Discrete Mathematics for Electrical Engineering) Dr. Lior Tzabari (Structure of Operating Systems)       Excellence in Teaching Award Prof. Yoav Schechner (Image Processing and Analysis) Dani Voitsechov (Structure of Operating Systems)   The outstanding lecturers were chosen from all the Technion lecturers according to the

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  • Dr. Ori Rottenstreich

    We are happy to announce the appointment of Dr. Ori Rottenstreich in the Faculty of Computer Science and Faculty of Electrical Engineering (a TCE Appointment – Joint Academic Appointment between Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) starting October 2018. Ori has pursued his doctorate in our faculty and returned from a post-doctoral post in Princeton. His

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  • Prof. Neri Merhav

    This is a short book that is based on lecture notes of a course, that has the same title as the book (formerly, “Statistical Physics, Fluctuations and Noise” – 046242), which I have developed and taught since year 2013. The idea is to deliver elementary concepts in statistical physics in a way which is better oriented to

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  • Best Student paper Prize

    The paper “Computational Imaging on the Electric Grid” co-authored by our PhD student Mark Sheinin and his advisor Prof. Yoav Schechner, and Prof. Kiriakos Kutulakos (Univ. of Toronto) received the Best Student Paper Award from CVPR 2017. Congratulations to Mark, Yoav and Kiriakos.

  • Meyer Building

    Congratulations to Fellowships and Award Winning Students. Three students have recently won notable PhD scholarships, starting the next academic year: Or Yair, supervised by Prof. Ronen Talmon, won the Adams fellowship; Tom Zahavy, supervised by Prof. Shie Mannor, won the  Azrieli fellowship; and Gal Dalal, also supervised by Prof. Shie Mannor, won the IBM fellowship.

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  • Prof. Yonina Eldar

    We are happy to announce that Yonina was elected as a member of The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities. Yonina received the B.Sc. degree in Physics in 1995 and the B.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering in 1996 both from Tel-Aviv University (TAU), Tel-Aviv, Israel, and the Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

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  • Ido Kaminer

    Congratulations to Ido, who has been awarded the Azrieli Fellowship! Ido who is joining us next semester, has been awarded the prestigious Azrieli Fellowship, provided to new faculty in Israeli universities. The Azrieli Foundation seeks to promote the development of research leadership in the State of Israel. To this end, the Azrieli Faculty Fellowships are

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  • The IEEE Richard W. Hamming Medal is presented annually to up to three persons, for outstanding achievements in information sciences, information systems and information technology. The recipients receive a gold medal, together with a replica in bronze, a certificate and an honorarium. Congratulations to Shlomo!!

  • TCE

    The 7th Annual Henry Taub TCE Conference Coding for Storage and Information Systems: Toward a Coded Information Technology Future Celebrating 50 Years of the Viterbi Algorithm June 21-22, 2017 Computer Science, Taub Building, Technion, Haifa http://tce.technion.ac.il/tce-conferences/tce-conference-2017-program/

  • Professor Jacob Ziv

    Distinguished Professor Jacob Ziv has been awarded the EMET Prize for 2017 in the area of Exact Sciences (http://en.emetprize.org/). The Emet Prize for Art, Science and Culture is an Israeli prize awarded annually for excellence in academic and professional achievements that have far-reaching influence and make a significant contribution to society. Prizes are awarded in

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  • June 2017: A Technion student team including students from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering was awarded 3rd place in the Student Unmanned Arial Systems (SUAS2017) competition which took place in Maryland, USA. This is the fourth time in a row that Technion students are placed among the five leading teams in the competition, this year

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  • Hakaton winers

    ביום שישי האחרון, 28.4, זכתה קבוצת סטודנטים מהפקולטה במקום הראשון בהאקתון הסטודנטים הגדול בארץ, HackIDC , אשר נערך במרכז הבינתחומי, בהשתתפות 55 קבוצות סטודנטים. הצוות הזוכה: ענבל בן יהודה אמיר ליבנה כרמל רבינוביץ נדב אליהו עודד לזר (מהפקולטה לתעו”נ) הסטודנטים פיתחו והציגו מערכת של צמיד חכם המיועד לכנסים אשר מאפשר החלפת פרטים אלקטרוניים בין המשתתפים

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  • Best 3D Paper Award

    Best 3D Paper Award
    December, 28, 2016

    Dr. Marina Alterman and Prof. Yoav Schechner  won The Fumio Okano Best Paper Award on their work “3D in Natural Random Refractive Distortions”. The award, given in Apr/2017,  is for a paper they published and presented in the SPIE Conference: Three Dimensional Imaging, Visualization and Display 2016. Details of the work are in the linked research

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  • Prof. Tomer Michaeli
    December, 12, 2016

    Congratulations to Prof. Tomer Michaeli, who has been awarded the prestigious Alon Fellowship! The prestigious Alon Fellowship, named after the late Yigal Alon, is awarded to excellent young faculty members by the committee for planning and funding in the Israeli Council for Higher Education. Tomer’s research focuses on Image Processing, Computer Vision, Signal Processing and

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  • ברכות לצוות משותף מהפקולטה לאווירונאוטיקה וחלל והפקולטה להנדסת חשמל בטכניון, על זכייה במקום השני בתחרות סטודנטים בינלאומית למערכות אוטונומיות מוטסות. התחרות כללה 55 צוותים מכל העולם. צוות הטכניון כלל 11 סטודנטים מאווירונאוטיקה בהנחיית דרור ארצי ו-5 סטודנטים מהנדסת חשמל בהנחיית הדוקטורנט עמית איידס (Aides). מדובר בתחרות שנערכה זו השנה ה-13 בחסות ארגון AUVSI. התחרות התקיימה

    Read more about צוות הטכניון זכה במקום השני בתחרות בינלאומית למערכות אוטונומיות מוטסות בארה”ב

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  • GPUrdma diagram

    The Paper “GPUrdma:  GPU-side library for high performance net“, co-authored by M.Sc. students Feras Daoud and Amir Wated and their supervisor Prof. Mark Silberstein, has been selected the Best Paper Award at the International Workshop on Runtime and Operating Systems for Supercomputers (ROSS). The workshop took place in Kyoto, Japan on June 3, 2016. Congratulations

    Read more about M.Sc. Students Feras Daoud and Amir Wated and their Supervisor Prof. Mark Silberstein win the Best Paper Award at the International Workshop on Runtime and Operating Systems for Supercomputers (ROSS)

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  • Solar Boards

    The paper “Performance of Power-Limited Differential Power Processing Architectures in Mismatched PV Systems“, co-authored by Prof. Yoash Levron, has been awarded a Second Place Prize Paper Award for 2015 in the IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics. Congratulations to Yoash on his outstanding achievement!

  • Yuval Yaish

    Technology developed at the Technion may replace silicon chips in the world of electronics. The development is being published in the journal Nature Communications. Read more.

  • Guy Bartal photo

    Prof. Guy Bartal has been awarded a research prize from the Alexander Goldberg Fund for 2016, for his achievements in research on MOS Super-Resolution Platform. The Alexander Goldbert Research Prize Fund, USA, is given for an outstanding research contributing directly, or indirectly, to Israel’s industry. An award of approximately US$3,000. Congratulations to Guy on his

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  • Yuval Yaish

    A team led by Prof. Yuval Yaish receives the “Best Poster Award” in “NT16 – The Seventeenth International Conference on the Science and Application of Nanotubes and Low Dimensional Materials” for their poster “Automated carbon nanotube based circuit fabrication and direct characterization of carbon nanotubes vibrations”. The team members are: Prof. Yuval Yaish, Gilad Zeevi,

    Read more about Prof. Yuval Yaish and his team receives the “NT16 Best Poster Award”

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  • Guy Bartal photo

    Congratulations to Prof. Guy Bartal, who has been awarded the Yanai Prize for Excellence in Academic Education for the academic year 2015-2016 and for his significant contribution to teaching and support of undergraduate students in our department. The Yanai Prize is awarded to outstanding faculty members from the Technion, in order to recognize a significant,

    Read more about Prof. Guy Bartal receives the Yanai Prize for Excellence in Academic Education for the academic year 2015-2016

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