Why a Grad Degree in EE?

The “matter” standpoint: In today’s world, and in view of the growing competition caused by emerging high-tech countries, higher degrees in EE/ECE become a critical asset for their holders. The linkage between a higher degree and technological leadership is already a reality. For example, in about one half of Israeli startups (in EE/ECE areas) there has been a PhD technical founder. Moreover, it has been noted that “deep technology” of a company (which is largely manifested by its number of employees with higher degrees) considerably increases its market valuation. On the other hand, a shortage in PhD holders in these areas has been identified in Israel: among EE/ECE graduates, only 2% hold a PhD degree and 10% hold an MSc degree (vs. 9% and 50%, corresp., In the USA). Consequently, there is an increasingly high demand for PhD and MSc holders in industry.

The “spirit” standpoint: only through graduate studies (and graduate research) you can:

  • Dramatically enhance your intellectual capabilities.
  • Expose yourself to a new world of research.
  • Open a possible gateway to an academic career.


Why at Technion EE?

Unmatched international reputation

o         An international review committee, chaired by Prof. Robert Gallager from the MIT, has concluded that:

  • “…In both teaching and research, Electrical Engineering is an academic department of great distinction and should be treasured by Israel as a major national resource“.
  • The department is among the “top 10” Electrical Engineering and Computer Science departments in the world; “comparable departments are Stanford, MIT, UC Berkeley, Illinois, Michigan, UC San Diego and a few others”.
  • In some research areas the department is “second to none” worldwide.
  • At both undergraduate and graduate levels, the curricula of instruction is “excellent”.

o         Recently, the above findings have been reaffirmed by the Committee for the Evaluation of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Studies appointed by MALAG (Israel Council for Higher Education).

 Broadest research scope

The department acts as a center of excellence in applied and theoretical research, contributing to the advancement of knowledge in electrical and computer engineering in Israel and throughout the world. The areas of research cover all major fields of electronics, computers and communications, and include cutting-edge research areas.

 Supervised by leading international experts

The faculty members are world-renowned researchers, as manifested by their record of achievements and international awards. Moreover, the department has been successful to recruit the best young researchers in Israel, as manifested by the 12 Alon fellowships granted to our young faculty hired in recent years. To the best of our knowledge, this is the highest proportion of this prestigious fellowship granted to any comparable technological or scientific department in Israel.

 Excellent research and education infrastructure

o         17 state-of-the-art labs.

o         Attractive scholarships and work environment

o         Carefully balanced curriculum, which combines theory with advanced applications.

 Reputation of Graduates

 The Technion’s Electrical Engineering graduates are known to have the highest reputation among the best known US universities as well as Israeli high-tech companies.