Direct track towards a PhD

This track is intended for highly qualified students who excelled in their MSc studies and whose research can be expanded to a PhD. Candidates must comply with the following requirements: (a) During their MSc studies, they have demonstrated research capacity that clearly indicated their suitability for PhD studies. (B) They completed at least one semester after approval of their research topic, and excelled in graduate courses. (C) Their research topic can become a fundamental part of a PhD, or may be expanded to the scope required of a PhD. (D) They had completed at least half of their credits quota, and reached a GPA of at least 90.

Students who graduated cum laude from a four-year program degree at the Technion or were included in the President’s List of honor, or a parallel academic distinction, in the last four semesters, will be subject to the conditions listed below, except for the following exemptions: they may apply for transfer to the direct track after one semester and after acquiring at least one-third, but no less than 8, of their credits points quota. Students, who are in “required to complete prerequisite courses” status, will be required to have completed all of the required completion courses.

  1. Applications for transfer to the direct track must be initiated by the advisor, and submitted to the EE Faculty GSC, subject to article 24.07 (direct track towards a PhD) of the Graduate School regulations.
  2. Students will appear before an ad-hoc committee that will be appointed by the GSC and present its recommendations regarding transfer to the direct track.
  3. Students who were accepted shall submit a Research Proposal prior to the candidacy examination, within 5 months of acceptance to the direct PhD track. In special cases, delay of up to 6 months can be requested, providing this will not extend to more than 30 months from the day students began their MSc. Upon passing the candidacy examination, the status will change to “studying towards a PhD”, 8 additional semesters will be added to their study period, and they will be required to take a total of 27 credit points of graduate courses.
  4. Candidates who failed their candidacy examination, or failed to take the exam on time, will continue their studies towards an MSc degree.

A Masters Diploma for Direct PhD Track Students

Direct PhD track students will be entitled to a Masters Degree after passing the candidacy exam and completing all MA course requirements as determined when admitted.  The degree will be called “Magister” in Hebrew (מגיסטר) and “Master’s Degree” in English to distinguish it from other degrees. The Master’s degree diploma will state: “The Student completed his/her studies towards the Master’s Degree during his/her PhD studies.”

For more information, please contact the Faculty Graduate Studies Secretariat.

To download a doctoral application form, click here.