Candidates meeting the official Graduate School requirements for doctoral studies, or who are about to complete their M.Sc. degree, may contact the Graduate School Secretariat, stating the fields of interest that they intend to pursue. Candidates must find a full-time faculty member, who is willing to be their advisor. As a rule, advisors who are not faculty members will not be approved.

Admission will be considered and decided by a Graduate School Committee of the faculty. Upon receiving a recommendation from the tentative advisor, the committee will evaluate the candidate’s abilities and his suitability for doctoral studies. The recommendations will be approved by the faculty committee for doctoral studies.

The committee considers academic achievements and abilities, and evaluates the likelihood of candidates to successfully complete doctoral studies based on the information received, including academic and research achievements, publications, recommendations, Master’s thesis evaluation (if complete), other material authored by the candidate, personal interview, written examination if necessary and B.Sc. and higher degrees’ grade reports.

M.Sc. students, who have submitted their thesis to the Graduate school, but were not yet examined, may apply to the Ph.D. program, however their admission will be conditioned on the successful completion of their M.Sc. studies. Candidates will be notified by the Graduate School committee whether they were admitted.

Supporting documents to be submitted by Ph.D. candidates:

  1. Recommendation letter from the M.Sc. degree advisor.
  2. Recommendation letter from the Ph.D. tentative advisor from the Electrical Engineering faculty. If there is a second advisor, his recommendation letter is also required.
  3. The decision of the M.Sc. examination committee members and their evaluation regarding candidates’ suitability for doctoral studies. It is recommended that candidates obtain at least one recommendation letter from an examiner of their M.Sc. thesis, who was not their advisor.
  4. Curriculum Vitae and a list of publications. In cases there are no publications yet, candidates will submit an abstract of their thesis.
  5. Ph.D. application.