Ph.D. Admission Requirements

Admission to the PhD program:a student in front of computer systems

Applicants who comply with Graduate School’s formal PhD program admission requirements, or ones who are about to complete their Masters degree, should contact the Graduate Secretariat, indicating the areas of expertise they are interested in, to obtain more information.

Applicants are required to find a faculty staff member who is willing to be their permanent advisor. Academic advising by members of other faculties will be approved only in exceptional cases. Advising of adjunct lecturers will not be approved in most cases.

Decisions concerning admission are made by the faculty GSC. Following intended advisor’s recommendation, the GSC shall consider candidates’ capabilities for Graduate Studies.

The committee will consider the abilities and achievements of candidates, and evaluate their potential for success in the PhD program, based on all available information. This information may include achievements in research and studies, publications, recommendations, thesis (if completed) assessment, an oral or written examination, if required and detailed grade sheets throughout the academic career.

Postgraduate students who have submitted their treatise to the Graduate School, but have not yet been tested, can register for PhD studies. Admission, however, is subject to successful completion of Master’s degree and formal confirmation from the GSC, of acceptance.

Documentation required for the PhD in Electrical Engineering Program:

1. A recommendation from applicants’ MSc program academic advisor

2. A recommendation from the intended PhD advisor in the Electrical Engineering department (If more than one advisor – from both.)

3. Professional opinions and recommendations from evaluators, as to success potential of candidate in the PhD program. It is recommended that at least one evaluator tested the applicant in the MSc final examination but did not work with her/him.

4. A Curriculum Vitae and a list of publications or information about the research topic.

5. A PhD candidacy form

PhD Program:

Students will be entitled to a PhD Degree after they earned 8 credits, passed the candidacy exam, and submitted a treatise about their thesis topic.

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