A Special Track towards PhD

The aim of this track is to enable outstanding and excelling BSc graduates who are interested in a direct PhD track, to enroll without registering to the MSc track.

  1. This track is intended for excelling students who have demonstrated impressive research capabilities Candidates must comply with the following requirements: (1) Students who completed their BSc in Electrical or Computer Engineering with outstanding distinction (in general, the top 30%.) (2) Excelling in research in a way that clearly attests to their compatibility for PhD studies (3) A faculty member is willing to be their academic advisor.
  2. Applications for admittance to the special PhD track must be initiated by the (intended) advisor, and submitted to the GSC of the Electrical Engineering Department, subject to article 24.07 (direct track towards a PhD.) 
  3. Students will appear before an ad-hoc committee that will be appointed by the GSC and present its recommendations regarding acceptance to the special track towards a PhD.
  4. Students who were accepted shall submit a concise description prior to the candidacy examination, within 18 months of being notified of acceptance to the direct track. 

More information for this track is available at the Electrical Engineering Graduate Secretariat.