Some of the forms cannot be filled online. These forms must be filled in and submitted to the Faculty Secretariat.


Registration to courses

Ordering tests copies

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Examiner card

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Evaluation poll of lecturers and practitioners

An appeal form on a course grade

Finalizing studies form

Semester Appeal Form

Student Application Form: This form serves as a response to exceptional cases that could not have been foreseen at the time of writing the regulations and exceptional cases. This is not a “policy overriding” mechanism and we try to help those who really need it. At the same time, the Faculty recommends solutions, but the final decision is made by the Dean of Undergraduate Studies.


Here you can find information on acceptance criteria for students who studied in an academic framework and wish to transfer to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Technion.

The above document includes information about: (1) transition from another faculty at the Technion (2) transfer from another academic institution (except for the Open University).

Information on the transition from the Open University is available here.

Students studying at the Technion and interested in an additional degree in Electrical Engineering, please see the following document:

Additional requirements for an additional bachelor’s degree  in electrical engineering for students studying at another Technion faculty.

Exemption for practical engineers – For details please contact the newsletter of the Undergraduate Studies website.


Student Instruction page from the faculty Computing unit.

A student guide from the Student Union.

Upgrade – A system of student grades.

Moodle – courses system.

Student Accounts Department.

Exams – Inquiry about exam dates according to course number.

Quizzes – Inquiry about the dates of exams according to course number.

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