Graduate Seminar

Graduate Seminar
October, 04, 2018
in Room 1061 Electrical Eng. Building Technion City

Iliah Konstantinovsky
Viterbi Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Technion


Full duplex transceiver based on N-path filtering

A Full duplex system allows simultaneous bi-directional communication and FDD based transceivers use frequency separation to achieve that. Most FDD systems are realized with external, narrow-band elements. Designing such a system requires the circuits to have high self-interference cancellation (SIC), and a tunable duplexer with relaxed isolation. In this work, I will present an integrated solution in a size of ~1mm2 that enable high Q tunable filtering (Q of 1000) at RF and applied for FDD systems instead of using large mechanical large diplexers. We analyze and suggest solutions to the losses and the linearity issues in an IC. *M.Sc. research under the supervision of Prof. Emanuel Cohen.