Optimal power flow solution using clustered networks

Optimal power flow solution using clustered networks
February, 15, 2018
Room 1061 Electrical Eng. Building Technion City

Graduate Seminar

Speaker: Raz Feldman
Affiliation: Electrical Eng., Technion

The optimal power flow problem is a fundamental problem in power system studies. It is generally nonlinear, nonconvex, contains several different objectives, and may include of thousands of decision variables, making it an NPhard, large scale, multi-objective optimization problem.
In this talk I shall present a novel algorithm for solving the optimal power flow problem over radial networks. The proposed method works without the need for approximations, unique data modulations, or additional assumptions, and is guaranteed to converge to the global optimum. The algorithm was compared to a commercial solver for six radial networks.
The talk will be given in Hebrew.

*MSc student under the supervision of Prof. Yoash Levron