“Science at the Bar” To Mark International Women’s Day

“Science at the Bar” To Mark International Women’s Day
March, 20, 2018
After Dark, Derekh Yafo 30, Haifa
Prof. Lihi Zelnik-Mano

“Science at the Bar” To Mark International Women’s Day

Eight Haifa bars will host leading Technion researchers on Tuesday, March 20, 2018 at 20:00

Flexible aircrafts, artificial intelligence, human-machine interfaces, computer vision, urban planning as an instrument for social change, communication between bacteria, innovative diagnostic methods, and a new look at chemistry studies: eight female researchers from Technion will hold scientific lectures on various topics at eight bars in Haifa, marking International Women’s Day. The lectures, all of which will begin at 20:00, will introduce their audiences to some of the research conducted by female researchers from various faculties at Technion.

After Dark – Prof. Lihi Zelnik-Manor of the Viterbi Faculty of Electrical Engineering: “How Do You Create Virtual Worlds that Feel Real?” The integration of virtual reality into our lives is around the corner, and Prof. Zelnik-Manor will discuss some of the technologies used to create virtual reality that feels real.

The event is sponsored by Prof. Ayellet Tal, Advisor to the Technion President on the Advancement of Women in Science and Engineering.

Reservations are recommended.

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