Survey on Physical Unclonable Function Hardware Implementation and Security-Based Applications

September, 19, 2017
Meyer Building, Room No. 861

Graduate Seminar

Speaker: Oren Nishry
Affiliation: Dept. of Electrical Engineering Technion

Physical Unclonable Functions emerged over the last decade in hardware chip design as a promise for small area and efficient security application methods such as chip authentication, or unique key generation. This talk will cover different PUF architectures, their applications, aging effect and how PUF secrecy can be broken. In addition, we present a recent aging experiment in 40nm technology which shows twice as much errors than previous technology node in Arbiter PUF. This confirms our suspicion that as technology shrinks the aging phenomena reduces PUF reliability and that further investigation in this direction is required for proving that PUF can be used as robust building block for security applications.