students are our most valuable asset, IAP member companies get privileged access to the best candidates among our graduates and graduate students via human capital enrichment interactions:

  • “Spotlight Day”– employment fair, dedicated to recruitment by a single member company at a time, exposing technological trends and capabilities and presenting job opportunities to our best students.
  • Offer special excellence awards and scholarships to attract select students.
  • “Job opportunity” board in the IAP site – targeted “headhunting” venue.
  • Special lecture sessions “Frontiers of Technology”, enriching our student community by showcasing our member companies technologies.
  • Venues to disseminate announcements by our member companies to (under)graduate students and faculty re lecture sessions, seminars, employment events, summer internships, etc.
  • Provide member company exposure to the faculty and students by having the company logo posted on the IAP website, alongside the other select IAP member companies.