Step 1: Select your desired EE Board:

  1. EE – Undergrad Classes | חדרי הוראה
  2. EE – Grad Classes | חדרי לימוד עצמי
  3. EE – Segel |חדרי סמינרים סגל סמינרים ומוסמכים


Step 2: Enter your Technion Credentials:

{username} or {username}

password: TX/SAP/Microsoft Cloud Identity


Step 3: Enter Password and click next


Step 4: Stay signed in? Click Yes.

Step 5: Click on “לוח שבועי” -> “הזמנות


Step 6: Choose “Electrical Eng.” from Drop Down List

Step 7: Choose Room & Date from the list

Step 8: Make sure the order made properly than click on “Create”/”יצירה”

Step 9: a new reservation was created, it may have need a room admin confirmation for this request.