Wireless network in the faculty

A wireless network is operated in all four departments (Meir, Fishbach, Zeisspel, Wolfson)   for any customer to use. Network properties is as follows:

  • Wide coverage throughout the buildings
  • Unified services throughout the covered area
  • Run continuously on all days and times


The network operates five different services.
All the services are distributed by all the access points and therefore the quality of the reception and the coverage are identical, and the differences between them are explained below:

  1. eed-secure – secure service with wpa2 encryption. The service is intended for staff, employees and Graduate students.
  • This service is authenticated by eed domain username and password.
  • Automatic installation of this network connection can be performed in Windows systems by downloading and running the file on the link: eed-secure setup utility.

Instructions for manual connection settings can be found in the links:

  1. Eduroam – Secure service with wpa2 encryption. Is intended for academic guests based on identification with the name and password of the institution to which the guest belongs. The service is operated by the computer center and is intended mainly for access to resources and sites outside the campus. Details of the service can be found at the Eduram website:  https://www.eduroam.org/

  CC Technion instructions:CC eduroam page.


  1. TechSec – a secure network of the computer center operated throughout the campus.

 Designed for use by faculty members , employees and students. Explanations about the service and its use you will find more to read on the Computer Center website:

  CC TechSec page


  1. TechPublic – Open and unencrypted network. Designed for guests, especially access to off-campus sites and resources. The network is operated by the computer center.