Information and Resources Related to PC Farm

Instructions for new student – please Click Here


The PCFARM, (VDI station) is located in Room 236 (Fishbach Building)

In  Room 240,473, 474  (Fishbach Building) is self-study space with WIFI

All spaces are open 24 hours a day, including holidays.

Instructions for pc farm usage using VDI

Who is eligible to use the PC-Farm:

All students in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Technion students in the integrated program in electrical engineering (015, 025).

Students from other faculties, who also take one or more of the faculty’s courses.

Please note that for these categories, access rights will automatically start upon signing up for a course and canceled once completing a course.

Within short, admission to the farm will ONLY be possible with a student ID Card. Make sure you have a Student ID Card.

Computer (VDI) access is accommodated by using your Technion personal account and password.

For Account Self-Management, use the following link:

Photocopier Access is granted through a card-operated magnetic card/student card system that is combined with magnetic cards. Access will be granted on a credit basis allowing the student to purchase additional credits to be added to their account at the vending machines located in the Student Building. For further information about tickets and printing options, contact the Student Union.

Reporting of inquiries and failures are submitted by email to (English message  only) :

General Information:

Authentication Services in Central Servers

How to Save Files using the Technion OneDrive Account

Guidelines and steps for setting up and using

Guide for SSL VPN connection:

Office 365:

VDI access is possible only from the computer farm. 


  • Your account is private and personal and is only for academic use.
  • You should never, under any circumstances allow another person access to your account!!!
  • Never reply any email asking for your details and pasword!!! it is a phishing email.

For any software problems, please report to