Information For New Students

You can find useful information for the user in the farm computers for new students here.

Information and Resources Related to PC Farm

Instructions for new student – please click here

The maintenance operations will be performed on PCFARM computers and servers every Sunday between 08:00 and 10:00. During this maintenance window, service & communication disruptions may occur.

The PCFARM is located in Rooms 236, 473, 474 (Fishbach Building) and in Room 264 (Bella Meyer Building). The farms are open 24 hours a day, including holidays.

Who is eligible for an account:

  • All Electrical Engineering Department students.
  • Technion students who are learning a combined degree with Electrical Engineering (015, 025).
  • Students of other faculties, who are currently learning one or more particular (not any) EE courses, can get account too.

Note, that for these categories accounts are automatically opened (and closed) at the beginning of each semester. Students, who registered late for EE courses, may not be on the list. Such students may need to refer to for opening the account by changing campus account password. For assistance please open helpdesk request by sending email to

Requests to open account via email or phone will not be accepted.

General Information:

Your disk quota is 200 MB – this is the total space allocated for your files. If you run out of space please check for unnecessary files in your home directory and remove them. We also suggest that you zip as many files as possible – this may help you to store more files, without removing them.
Your account will be locked for 12 hours after 20 unsuccessful login attempt within one hour.

Instruction for pc farm usage using VDI


VDI access is possible only from the computer farm. 



  • Your account is private and personal and is only for academic use.
  • You should never, under any circumstances allow another person access to your account!!!
  • Never reply any email asking for your details and pasword!!! it is a phishing email.

For any software problems, please report to