Moodle login

Starting from the 11/09/2017 Computer Center updated the login mechanism to Moodle to SSO (Single Sign-On /”Hizdahot Ahida”). for more information read Moodle Login Instruction

Create a personal web site

The Computer Center offers a hosting service based on the WordPress platform. Click here for more information. Undergraduate students and other employees, please fill the form in the following link: WordPress in EE.

Information For New Students

You can find useful information for the user in the farm computers for new students here.

Useful Links

Taub Computer Center, Faculty Matlab Server, Technion – Computer Center Site (Hebrew) 

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Change Password on EE & EED

Please find here details about changing your password:

In Hebrewהנחיות-להחלפת-סיסמא-במקרה-והיא-בתוקף/

Or in English: 


Setting Up a Network Printer

How to setup a network printer.

FTP Server Update (GRADUATE)

Please pay attention: Starting July 28, 2009 the FTP server for graduate students has a new address: (  The username & the password – are your user/password on the EED domain…

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Outlook Configuration

How to configurate Outlook 2013 mail client to EE mail server.

Mozilla Thunderbird Configuration

How to configurate EE mail server with Mozilla Thunderbird.

Managing E-mail From The Web

You can manage your e-mail from the web. Your starting point is:

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Managing E-mail Folders

How to manage you E-mail folders with Mozilla Thunderbird

Faculty Printers

The Electronic Engineering Faculty offers print services via UNIX servers and the WINDOWS servers. Access to these printers is distributed and all account owners on the faculty UNIX machines and EED domain are eligible to use them..

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Equipment Insurance

Insurance details and forms are available in the following address: Computer Center.  

ISRAEL Daylight Saving Time Installation

MS Windows XP “ISRAEL Daylight Saving Time” Installation – Please note: This installation have been tested only under Windows XP and it is not known if it will work for other versions of Windows..

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EE Security information

Basic security measures on public/laboratory computers: All servers and workstations must be kept up-to-date with latest software patches. Same rule apply to all software packages in use. Today, there are many easy ways to automatically update software..

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Home PC Protection Instructions

This page contains links to basic step-by-step guides you should follow to protect your PC at home. All computers installed by Faculty Computing Unit are updated with all recent Operating System patches and include current version of Technion standard McAfee antivirus..

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Fixing Outlook Express attachments problem

Fixing Outlook Express attachments problem. In order to protect users from viruses Outlook Express disables, by default, access to attachment files..

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EE Faculty Wireless Network

The faculty’s wireless communications network is available to faculty employees, students and guests. The layout of the network, its various services and the manner of connecting to the network are described in the following document..

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Go-Global Instruction

Go-Global installation instructions to EE.

Go-Global installation instructions to TX and T2.


EE Graduate Information site

Computing Services, Courses management information for assistants

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Unix Printing