Prof. Yonina Eldar

Prof. Yonina Eldar, Chosen as a leading and influential academic woman in Asia.


The announcement was made by members of the Association of Academies and Scientific Societies in Asia (AASSA)

AASSA –  aims to examine science and technology issues, with emphasis on research, development and implementation of technology, with the intention of influencing the social and economic development in Asia.

It’s member’s profile reflects the continent’s unique diversity – from Australia, Singapore and Japan to Pakistan, Armenia and Nepal.


The organization selected 50 leading women and published their story.

Prof. Eldar describes her progress in the field, the challenges and the successes along the way.

Another Israeli scientists chosen to be on this esteemed list is Prof. Ruth Arnon of the Weizmann Institute of Science.

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Quote from article:

“… my ambition is to build a real interdisciplinary laboratory that uses signal processing to develop new instruments and algorithms that will make discoveries in biology and physics and affect the clinical world …”

Tip for young female scientists:

“There are many ways to succeed, choose the goals and the path that is unique for you”