Professor Ido Kaminer - Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists

Professor Ido Kaminer

The Prestigious Blavatnik Awards recognize outstanding, innovative scientists at the early stages of their careers for both their extraordinary achievements and their promise for future discoveries.

The prizes are awarded to researchers aged 42 and younger for groundbreaking work in the disciplines of Life Sciences, Chemistry, and Physical Sciences & Engineering.

Three young scientists from leading research institutions in Israel will each be awarded US$100,000 for their groundbreaking scientific research among them is Professor Ido Kaminer (Physical Sciences & Engineering).

The other winners are:

  • Professor Rafal Klajn (Chemistry)—Weizmann Institute of Science
  • Professor Yossi Yovel (Life Sciences)—Tel Aviv University

ProfessorIdo Kaminer, Assistant Professor, The Viterbi Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

The work of Ido Kaminer, PhD, Head of the Robert and Ruth Magid Electron Beam Quantum Dynamics Laboratory, has influenced fundamental physics research with real world applications by transforming our understanding of the quantum nature of light-matter interactions. New technologies developed in his laboratory open up the possibility of compact and tunable X-ray apparatuses for applications such as medical imaging and security scanning. He has also uncovered new aspects of the Cherenkov Effect—a burst of light seen when high-speed particles travel through gas, liquid, or solid—that was first discovered in 1934. The Cherenkov Effect was thought to be fully understood, but Professor Kaminer discovered hidden quantum features not previously identified by classical physics. This discovery led him to develop novel high energy particle detectors for particle accelerators such as the one at CERN.

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