Recording the flow of light inside a photonic crystal

In a research that was published in Nature, students from Prof. Ido Kaminer’s AdQuanta group developed a novel method to observe light trapped on the nanoscale, achieving record resolution in time and space.

The paper is the first to present results from the new ultrafast transmission electron microscope, which uses the quantum wave nature of electrons to observe new effects in light-matter interactions.

This research open doors for the investigation of new quantum technologies such as ideas for “free-electron qubits” (first proposed by students in the group).

“This is the beauty in our paper”, says Ido, “we developed a new microscopy technique, but one that also provides the platform for new fundamental discoveries in quantum physics”.

The paper was led by the postdoc Dr. Kangpeng Wang, and co-authored by Raphael Dahan, Michael Shentcis, Dr. Yaron Kauffmann, Ori Reinhardt, Adi Ben-Hayun, and Shai Tsesses.

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