Professor Igal Sason


Viterbi Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Technion

Guess What?

This talk provides upper and lower bounds on the optimal guessing moments of a random variable taking values on a finite set when side information may be available. These moments quantify the number of guesses required for correctly identifying the unknown object and, similarly to Arikan's bounds, they are expressed in terms of the Arimoto-Renyi conditional entropy. Although Arikan's bounds are asymptotically tight, the improvement of the bounds which are considered in this talk is significant in the non-asymptotic regime. Relationships between moments of the optimal guessing function and the MAP error probability are provided, characterizing the exact locus of their attainable values. * This is a joint work with Sergio Verdu.

Date: Tue 13 Nov 2018

Start Time: 13:30

End Time: 14:30

861 | Electrical Eng. Building