Electro-Optics and Microelectronics Seminar

Electro-Optics and Microelectronics Seminar

Yoav Chachamovitz


Viterbi Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Technion

Hybrid plasmonic dielectric Nano-antennas

The emerging field of optical antennas utilizes nano-scale metal dielectric composites at dimensions much smaller than the wavelength of light, to obtain extraordinary electromagnetic properties not existing with standard geometrical optics. While attracting interest of a wide range of researchers in various fields such as biology, physics, and engineering, the ohmic losses  in metal at optical frequencies can  severely limit the usefulness of such plasmonic antennas for many practical applications. Dielectric optical antennas, on the other hand,  can be almost lossless but are restricted to the diffraction limit.   This study investigates nanoantennas based on hybrid plasmonic-dielectric modes that were found  to achieve long  propagation losses of guided modes while attaining sub-wavelength confinement. We propose hybrid plasmonic optical antenna (HPOA) consists of a metal layer separated from a high index nano-particle by a low index spacer for low-loss strong confinement of light. Such antennas support both hybrid TM mode concentrated in the low index layer and a “conventional” TE mode present in the high index region. This polarization diversity is used to design tunable optical antenna that can be used for various applications using the strong field enhancement, low loss, high efficiency scattering and sub-wavelength confinement.   * MSc seminar under supervision of Prof. Guy Bartal.

Date: Mon 17 Feb 2020

Start Time: 14:30

End Time: 15:30

1061 | Electrical Eng. Building