Prof. Andrea Bevilacqua


University of Padova, Italy

Integrated Transformers: from Principles to Applications

Integrated magnetic transformers are becoming ubiquitous in mm-wave and RF systems, while also finding application in fully-integrated dcdc converters. This talk will cover the fundamentals of the transformer operation spanning from the underlying physical principles, and the link between the magnetic parameters (inductances and magnetic coupling) and the geometry of the device, to its use in the design of building blocks like LNA’s, PA’s, VCO’s, etc. The advantages and possibilities of using a transformer for the implementation of baluns, impedance transformation networks, higher-order resonant networks, feedback circuits, etc., will be highlighted.   Registration:

Date: Wed 05 Aug 2020

Start Time: 11:00

End Time: 12:00

Zoom session | Electrical Eng. Building