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Pixel Club

Yossef Cohen


Viterbi Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Technion

On Model-Based Analysis and Representation of Ultrasound Imaging

The beam pattern of ultrasound (US) systems is usually characterized by a wide main-lobe and significant side-lobes. As a result, the US image suffers from low resolution and low contrast. In particular, strong reflectors that are received through the beam's side-lobe override and mask weak reflectors that are received through the main lobe. Using a sparsity-prior for the strong reflectors, we propose a method for locating strong reflectors and separating them from the US image. An image based on the weak reflectors is then built using an adaptive beamforming method, and the strong reflectors are afterwards artificially added back to the ultrasound image. We show that the overall image fidelity strongly depends on the precision of detection (both position and reflectivity) of the strong reflectors. We further show using in-silico and in-vivo examples that after subtracting the contribution of strong reflectors, the reflectivity function of the weaker reflectors is faithfully recovered via adaptive beamforming. We also demonstrate that the overall contrast of the final image is highly improved.   M.Sc. student under the supervision of Prof. Moshe Porat (EE, Technion) and Dr. Zvi Friedman (GE Healthcare).

Date: Tue 10 Dec 2019

Start Time: 11:30

End Time: 12:30

1061 | Electrical Eng. Building