Graduate Seminar

Graduate Seminar

Nicolás Wainstein


Viterbi Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Technion

Reconfigurable RF Circuits based on Emerging Resistive Memories

Adaptive radiofrequency integrated circuits (RFIC) have become critical in wireless communication systems to effectively use the RF spectrum and to sustain the always-increasing performance demand of modern mobile devices. Adaptive RFIC allow for redundant hardware removal, which results in smaller area, lower complexity, and reduction in the number of modules in radio transceivers. The core of these systems is the RF switch, controlling the flow of the RF signal and providing tunable capabilities to different blocks. Recently, resistive memory technologies have emerged as great candidates for RF switches due to their superior performance, small footprint, non-volatility and back-end-of-line compatibility. In this seminar, I will present how the properties of novel resistive memories can be exploited for reconfigurable RFIC. Particularly, I will focus on the inline phase-change RF switch (IPCS), which I have developed and fabricated at the Technion facilities. These devices achieve state-of-the-art cutoff frequency, a figure-of-merit of RF switches, with reduced area and switching energy. As part of this work, I will present the first physics-based compact model of the IPCS, experimentally validated with electrical thermometry, finite element simulations and RF measurements. Furthermore, I will present how the IPCS can be used as a platform for electro-thermal characterization of phase transition properties of different phase-change materials in nanoscale films at nanosecond temporal resolution. Finally, I will also show different applications of these devices for reconfigurable front-end RFIC. The small size and low power consumption of these devices will portray a major advantage in standard radio transceivers and can eventually enable the long-desired fully reconfigurable RF systems. * Ph.D. Under the supervision of Prof. Shahar Kvatinsky and Prof. Eilam Yalon. Zoom link:

Date: Tue 16 Feb 2021

Start Time: 10:00

End Time: 11:00

ZOOM Meeting | Electrical Eng. Building