Electro-Optics and Microelectronics Seminar

Electro-Optics and Microelectronics Seminar

Sergei Masis


Viterbi Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Technion

Three Point Defects in Diamond (To Say Nothing of the Resonator).

Dense ensembles of negatively charged Nitrogen-Vacancy (NV-) point defects in diamond provide a unique optical interface to electronic spins, allowing both polarization and readout of the spin state with light. In the first project we have coupled the NV- ensemble to a microwave resonator, performing a classical Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) experiment. The ability to polarize the ensemble allowed us to derive a new fundamental limit to ESR sensitivity due to the spin non-linearity. In the second project we observed a peculiar pattern in the Optically Detected Magnetic Resonance (ODMR) scans, which we explain by a tri-spin interaction between an NV- and two substitutional Nitrogen (P1) defects. In the third project we report on a first-time optical observation of NV-NV dipolar interaction and of neutral Nitrogen-Vacancy (NV0) Level AntiCrossing (LAC). * Phd seminar under the supervision of Professor Eyal Buks. Join Zoom Meeting -https://technion.zoom.us/j/92428025701

Date: Mon 19 Oct 2020

Start Time: 14:30

End Time: 15:30

ZOOM Meeting | Electrical Eng. Building