The 2020 Jacobs Award was awarded to PhD student Loai Daniel for publishing an outstanding paper in the field of engineering.

Loai Daniel, PhD student

Congratulations to our PhD student, Loai Danial, that was awarded with the Jacobs Award 2020, for his outstanding paper.

Jacobs Awards are allocated for graduate students which their awarded article was published in prestigious scientific journals. Only two Technion Awards were given in the field of engineering this year.

Recently, Loai published his article in the scientific journal Nature Electronics titled “Two-Terminal Floating-Gate Transistors with a Low-Power Memristive Operation Mode for Analogue Neuromorphic Computing“.

The research was led by PhD student Loai Danial and Prof.  Shahar Kvatinsky, engaged in a cross-disciplinary collaborations with Prof. Yakov Roizin and Dr. Yivgeni Pikhay from TowerJazz and Prof. Ramez Daniel from the faculty of Bio-Medical Engineering at the Technion.

The research has attracted significant attention in the scientific and the industrial communities, due to the revolutionary technological proof of concept which converts TowerJazz commercial Flash memory devices to neuromorphic devices; these enable ultra-low-power memory and computation.

Loai Danial received his B.Sc. from the Viterbi Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Technion. During 2013-2016 he worked in IBM Research, Haifa.

Today Loai is a PhD student under the guidance of Prof. Shahar Kvatinsky.

Loai won the Hershel Rich award for innovation and entrepreneurship, the Andrew and Arena Finchi Viterbi Fellowship for graduate students, and the Council for Higher Education Fellowship for exceptional PhD students from the Arab society.



Picture Taken by Rami Shlush, Technion.