Intel and the Technion presents - The future


The ‘Intel Day’ scheduled for Nov. 6, beginning at 1:00pm, will be a spectacular

event. The highlight of this day will be a panel discussion, addressing the

past, present and future of of computer technologies.

The three participants in this panel are three of the most successful designers of Intel’s processors–

Prof. Uri Weiser, Dadi Perlmutter and Uri Frank. The three of them are graduates

of our department!  They will share with the audience some insights into the

“Story of the Pentium”- How two engineers (Uri Weiser and Dadi Perlmutter)

turned Israel into the world center of the design of the most advanced computer

processors. [Dadi later became a Senior VP of Intel Int’l and Uri Weiser became

an Intel Fellow.] Uri frank, Senior VP of Intel, is in charge of the design of the most

advanced processor ever designed. He will share with us (for the first time) some

insight into the capabilities of this processor, soon  to released.


The purpose of this event is to share with our (and all the Technion) students

some insight into the exciting opportunities in the field of computer hardware

and its architecture. Students will be invited to participate  in “Intel’s Challenge”

and to propose innovative ideas for processors of the year 2030. The Winners

coming up with the best ideas will be awarded very attractive prizes, soon to